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Learn about the different classes offered at M & T Dance Unlimited and decide which ones are right for you or your child.



Our acro teaches tumbling skills like somersaults, cartwheels, and backbends. More advanced students learn handsprings, tucks, and arials.



This is the foundation of all dance forms, teaching body placement, flexibility, alignment, strength, and technique, which are achieved through barre and center floor work.



Please see details about competition classes at the bottom of the page.



This dance is a style of expression combining modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movement.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a blend of today's high energy street style movement typically performed to popular music.



This class offers cheerleading style movements with tumbling.



This energetic class includes stretching, combinations across the floor, and center floor routines using upbeat and popular music.



This technique fusses jazz and ballet dance while interpreting the lyrics of a song.


Student Teacher Program

MTDU offers a student teacher programs to students who have are interested in becoming a dance instructor. These dancers participate in a student teacher class where different teaching methods are discussed and routines are learned. The dancers are paired up with teachers and assist classes on a weekly basis.  (Dancers must be company members and at least 15 years old.)



Experience a type of dance in which the rhythm is created by the sounds of taps from the dancers' shoes.






2 Too Cute

This class is designed for 2-year-olds who want to express their independence without the assistance of Mom or Dad.


Tippy Toe Tots

Dancers will have fun learning pre-ballet movement to popular children's music.  Sometimes props like poms, parachutes, hula hoops, and mats are used to enhance the learning experience. The children will be introduced to tap.  


Fab Four's

This 45-minute class if designed for dancers to continue learning basic ballet and tap steps and will include tumbling.



Kinderdance is designed for 5-year-olds to expand their ballet technique, as well as their tap technique.


Triple Threat

Triple Threat is for 6 -year-olds who want to continue learning tap, as well as beginner jazz moves.


Hippity Hop

Hip Hop is a blend of today's high energy street style movement typically performed to popular music.






Company/Competition classes are offered to more serious dancers whose extra-curricular priority is dance.  All company dancers must take a minimum of four hours of dance per week, one of those hours being ballet. The dancers learn their competition routines in their company classes.  

(You must have prior dance experience to be considered for this program)


It's never too early to start a Company class:

  • Company Bound - ages 5 & 6

  • Pre-Company - ages 7 & up

  • Competition - ages 8 & up


We participate in 3-4 regional competitions per year and one National performance per summer.


Our past performances include:

The Harlem Globetrotters Half-Time Show, Downtown Disney FL, Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas and many other venues. Company dancers are required to take a minimum of 4 classes per week, as well as summer intensives. Throughout the year, there are many workshops they may attend as well. If your dancer in interested in competing you may call to set up an individual audition.

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